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Companion Animal Biometric Verification

Nearly 80% of pets will become lost at least once in their lives and up to 1/3rd of them are never found …

A lost pet is every owner’s worst nightmare. We’re developing a face-identification technology that will allow you to find your “lost pet”, or report a “found pet” quickly and easily. Our PawsitivID pet identification technology feature will use your uploaded images to create a unique “face-id” for your pet, so that you can be reunited in case it ever gets lost.

PawsitivID is a groundbreaking app designed to alleviate the distress of losing a pet by employing cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Unlike traditional microchipping, which requires specialized scanners to identify an animal, PawsitivID enables pet owners to create digital profiles for their pets directly from their smartphones. This innovative approach ensures that anyone with a smartphone can assist in identifying lost pets, significantly increasing the chances of a swift reunion.

But the features don’t stop with just pet recovery, our app will promote a community of pet owners to share information, events and well-being tips. The app’s Lost Pet Alert feature will notify other nearby users of the app to be on the lookout the moment your pet goes missing. Using advanced facial recognition algorithms, PawsitivID can match lost pet sightings with their digital profiles, provide accurate leads, reduce false alarms and remove the subjective process of looking through albums of found pets in hopes that yours is there. The in-app messaging system facilitates seamless communication between pet owners and potential rescuers, further expediting the reunion process.

Product Overview

Core Functions

Identification: As permanent identification standards for pets evolve, PawsitivID’s A.I. Technology will enhance/replace Microchipping. This technology is accurate, painless and non-invasive – No Needles, No Microchips, No Stress!

Verification: PawsitivID’s ability to validate the identity of individual pets.

  • Vet/Medical Records
  • Animal Shelters
  • Boarding Facilities
  • Insurance Coverage & Claims

Notification: PawsitivID provides a direct connection to individual pet owners.

  • Health Alerts
  • Theft Deterrant/Lost Pet Recovery
  • Real-time database access via the Cloud
  • Direct Marketing

PawsitivID’s innovative Animal Tech Talk feature introduces a revolutionary approach to pet healthcare, providing pet owners with instant access to veterinary expertise right at their fingertips. With Animal Tech Talk, users can engage with a sophisticated chatbot trained to answer veterinary-level questions, offer diagnostic reviews, suggest treatment options, and even facilitate veterinary referrals if necessary.

Our Advantages

  • World Leading and Industry Experts
  • Non-invasive Approach to ID Animal•Affordable, Practical, Portable and Scalable for Any Operation
  • Easily Adaptable to Current Data Management Software Tools No Stress Identification

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