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Millions of livestock are mismanaged every year due to lack of information or “best-guessing” when it comes to important decisions based on weight.

BOViD was born to solve these problems for you. By utilizing two important tools that all cattlemen and dairymen rely on every day, BOViD puts accurate weight determinations in the palm of your hand. With a quick burst of photos, it can accurately tell you the weight of your animal by relying on state-of-the-art computer learning models coupled with the known value of the ear tag it is wearing. Add date stamp, time stamp, identification, and the ability to input various other data to satisfy a myriad of management decisions from purchasing to selling, treating to feeding.

Livestock weighing has evolved over many centuries from balance scales and a pencil to digital weigh cells with direct links to management software. That is to say, the evolution has been painfully slow. The animal must still be brought to the scale which causes stress and opens the door for injuries to the animal as well as the handler. The time commitment required to obtain accurate weights is also a deterrent to the practice and therefore weights are not monitored as often as would be beneficial.

For these reasons, millions of livestock are mismanaged every year due to lack of information or “best-guessing” when it comes to important decisions such as:

  • Drug dosing medicines and treatments
  • Assessing the impact of ration or nutritional changes
  • The sale of stock based on weights
  • Culling, weaning, backgrounding checkpoints

Or if you are one of 765,000 cow-calf producers in the USA, you would rather not get maimed trying to learn the birthweight of a new calf!

Product Overview

Cattle identification and traceability are hot button topics within the beef and dairy industries. The consumer and retail giants will continue to push for it. The industry of independent-minded, traditional cattlemen will continue to resist it as they have for decades.

The nearly 100 million head beef and dairy industries are broken down into various subgroups such as Seed stock; cow/calf; backgrounders; feedlots; sale barns; dairies; heifer growers; calf ranches; etc. Our product offering of weight estimation for these sectors requires the identification and capture of images of these animals. 

What do all sectors have in common? Ear Tags!

There are ear tags in most of these cattle. Even where technology such as RFID is able to assist in the management, the “people” still need the tag. That is our market: All animals with tags! By offering our weight determination via an app that also utilizes the shape of the tag as a reference for more accurate modeling, we adopt ourselves into a market that has existed for a century.

By the way, this is the USA market … globally the market is 10X at 1 billion head.

Patent: 10,952,410 B2
Additional Patents Pending

DATAG has secured the patent to combine photographic images of cattle along with their ear tags to accurately estimate their weight. What do these two things have in common and how does DATAG plan to bridge this gap with a weight app?

It is the long-beloved story of the carrot versus the stick. While giving the customer the weight of their animal, we can ID the cattle and bring these two data points into a variety of software and management platforms that improve the productivity of that producer.

This is a much better approach than demanding ID and traceability.

Market Landscape

Cattle have been weighed since the beginning of trade! There are hundreds of types of competition in this market. From the men and women with a keen eye for guessing weights to competing tech companies. Scales have improved and come with amazing accuracy however they all have one downside: the cattle must come to the scale in one form or another. Even modern competitors have developed technological advances with elaborate cameras and laser systems to model and weigh an animal but still, the animal must come to it. We will put the power in the hand of the customer. It is possible to read about a new venture nearly every month. 

What do we have that they do not? 

Two clear advantages:

  1. An API with the capability to accurately identify all cattle. Yes our cattle will have tags but we still want the computer to ID the animal with or without the tag for accurate record keeping. Does the computer need the tag? NO, but more accurate with it. Does the human need the tag? YES, which is why we’ve combined the two in our offering.
  2. We have Intellectual Property that is robust and protective of our accurate combination of an ear tag with the weight determination. DATAG holds the link between the future of technology and the centuries old use of ear tags for ID that the human will always need. A savvy investor would rather associate with a product offering bound to such a proven market versus a product that must convince cattlemen to abandon the tried and true.

Market Size

100M Cattle In United States•Tag + App w/ ASP of $2.75 = $275M

Global Market is 10X of US = 1B Head•Estimated Value of $500M – $1.0B

Our Advantages

  • Patented and Protected Intellectual Property
  • World Leading and Industry Experts
  • Non-invasive Approach to ID Animal•Affordable, Practical, Portable and Scalable for Any Operation
  • Easily Adaptable to Current Data Management Software Tools No Stress Identification and Measurements (Animal or Producer)

Let’s work together!

Ask me for more information about how you can get involved.