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Our Story

DATAG was founded by the owners of Dairy Tech, Incorporated, a 23-year-old company that has its roots in the veterinary management of calves. Through the decades, they have acquired knowledge of product engineering, app development, manufacturing, and distribution/sales.

These managers understand the intricacies of working with vendors overseas as well as how to sell in over 40 countries worldwide. They work sales through catalogs, websites, veterinarians, animal health distributorships, genetics companies, and animal health experts around the world.

With this level of experience combined with our recent investments, DATAG is well suited to bring technologies to the industries that they eat, sleep and breathe in every day.

DATAG, Inc exists for the creation of technical, data driven apps with a livestock focus

Data acquisition and interpretation are key management features of today’s livestock industry. Technologies that allow us to gather and combine data enable us to see trends and make improvements faster than ever before. They allow us to see what works, what does not and what might be coming to hurt our industries. DATAG will lead the charge on multiple fronts. The value is immense.

Many companies are chasing data so what makes us different? We’re not charging for data, We collect it by offering other considerable value to the consumer. What is the value of traceability-by-default?

Our technologies are anchored in the innovative API engines of 406 Technologies Inc. DATAG has a 20% ownership position in this company along with multiple patents and associated IP.


  • Innovative A.I. Animal Visual Identification Technology
  • Proprietary Animal Based Facial Recognition Software Package
  • Application Programming Interface (API) w/ Solid B2B Business Model

Rick Dumm, DVM

CEO, Idea Creator & Founder

Dr. Dumm has been practicing large animal veterinary medicine since graduating from the University of Florida in 1995. In the meantime, he developed and patented a pasteurization system for dairies to feed milk and colostrum back to calves, thus breaking the cycle of disease transmission from cow to calf. Dairy Tech, Inc was formed for this task in 1999. Since then, he has patented and trademarked a dozen ideas and formed a team to do design work, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. The company maintains an office in China to manage raw material manufacturing. With sales in nearly 40 countries, Rick has had the opportunity to travel and learn about agriculture worldwide. 

John Bierwirth

Chief Operating Officer

John has been involved with Dairy Tech, Inc. (DTI) since its inception in 1999 as an investor and advisor to Dr. Dumm. Over the years, he has been part of the Board of Directors with input on domestic and international strategic initiatives.  After retiring from the banking industry in 2020, John became COO of DTI starting January 2021. As COO, his duties include administrative and operational oversight of the Company’s business plan. He is part of the leadership team that ensures the execution of the organizational strategies of the Company. During John’s banking career he was involved in business development and territory management calling on C-Suite executives in a group of diverse Agriculture industries.

Dennis Anderson

Chief Experience Officer

Dennis is the Chief Experience Officer for Dairy Tech, Incorporated with a demonstrated history of brand development across the ag industry from rodeo, to crops, to dairy. He has over 20 years of experience in Design Strategy, Brand Development, and Illustration. He uses this skill set to help develop products and support materials that are easy to use and understand at the user level. As user experience (UX) continues to be a key differentiator in the modern business landscape, he is responsible for bringing an integrated user- and technology-appropriate experience design to the table and making it a valuable part of the company’s strategy and culture. 

Dan Ellsworth

Senior Executive and Thought Leader

Dan is an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success in the agriculture marketing, sales, distribution, and visual/radio-frequency livestock and pet identification industries. He has extensive experience running complex projects and driving organizational improvements to achieve growth and profit objectives.  His key areas of expertise include animal ID markets, M&A initiatives, strategic marketing, vision casting, people development, organizational alignment, animal health distribution networks, and livestock vaccine markets.  He has served on multiple Industry and Non-profit Boards including Wisconsin Water Alliance,  Durvet Animal Health, AgriLabs Animal Health, American Dairy Coalition, Dairy Cares of Wisconsin, Asian Partners International, and Wisconsin Dairy Business Association Legislative Committee.