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The lack of traceability for horses from event to event represents a national biosecurity risk, and the inefficiencies of horse identification are time consuming and costly.

Imagine a solution that is as simple as taking a photo of the horse’s head and within a couple of seconds, it is accurately identified among all horses in the database. There remains no question about the identity of the horse. The owner information was submitted with the horse ID to initiate the file. Health records are input by participating veterinarians, not scanned in or printed for a folder by the owner.

Travel history of the horse is also kept for disease monitoring and national herd biosecurity. Each bit of information, date, time, and location is held in a secure manner via blockchain technology that is nearly impossible to alter or erase. With EQUiD, one does not need to imagine.

The equine industry is as vast as it is diverse. Ranging from local fairs and family outings to competitive events of all nature, the domestic and international movement of horses is greater than any other form of livestock. Yet it remains discontinuous, fragmented, and expensive for horse enthusiasts.

Example 1

The Smith family is participating in the local county fair. There are 3 horses all of which need a Coggins test prior to fair. They arrange for the test and repeat the physical drawings of each animal as they have done for years with their veterinarian. They will also need this to participate in local practice sessions where they plan to go 3 times. They arrive with paperwork in hand. At practice sessions, it is on the honor system unless someone is a stickler. At the main event, a veterinarian checks paperwork and looks at the horse. If there is an issue at any of the events a notice goes out to the event manager to warn horse owners of a biosecurity risk. They must reach out to all participants.

This simple example represents 18 touches of paperwork and opportunities to ID the horse.

Example 2

The Coopers are a bit more serious. They have a pen of roping horses of at least a dozen and rotate depending on the events on their schedule. They will attend more than 60 roping events this year that span across 4 states. At each event, they must present proper documentation for the horses and rely on event staff to inspect and make sure that all horses match the paperwork and descriptions on registry documents as well as health papers. The horses are tested regularly for EIA which is a contagious viral disease of concern. Do they even need to be tested so often?

How reliable are the physical inspections of horses in terms of identification? Is it difficult to cheat the system? This scenario for one family represents a range of 400 to thousands of touchpoints.

The touch points in both of these examples represent the opportunities for improvement within the industry, but equally important, they represent the market for EQUiD. The USA/Canada market is 9.5 million horses but the touches are many times that number.

Product Overview

Armed with the capability to accurately identify any horse, the system is built on blockchain technology to then provide the link between the health history of the animal, ownership history, travel history, and potential biosecurity concerns for the horses and their handlers. EQUiD will bring an Event Management Platform that is deeply needed within the industry. There is already proof of a robust desire for this type of technology in the mass adoption of medical records through Health Management Tech.

Equine events do not share much information with each other. There are no centralized systems and even with regard to veterinary records, each state manages its own individual systems and requirements.

EQUiD brings that solution.

  • Specially Designed Intuitive App for Smart Devices
  • Proprietary A.I. Algorithm Associating Individual Horse ID
  • Innovative 406 Bovine Visual Identification Technology

What are the requirements of a robust offering?

  • 99.9% accurate identification, entered via the user friendly EQUiD App in the form of a short 5 second video … much better than human subjectivity.
  • Once in the database, a simple quick photo identifies the horse.
  • Ability to monitor all movements of enrolled horses through competitive events, sale barns, lease programs and private treaty sales. From boarding facilities, breeders and trainers the whereabouts of member horses is captured and confirmed with a single photo.
  • What animals were present in the backtracking of a disease outbreak?
  • Knowing exactly “WHO” to notify but also the “HOW TO” right in the palm of event managers and health officials via the App.
  • The App can quickly define multiple layers of separation in a health event and also track animals that have since moved through multiple other events.
  • Secondarily tracks judges and other event hosts who will have direct contact with horses
  • Provide a common method for State veterinarians to pool data. In an ideal scenario with sufficient data, testing could easily become randomized rather than mandatory for all.
  • Registration and health documentation management is a break-even bet for most event organizers. EQUiD can take on this responsibility by offering a platform that integrates across disciplines and across the country
  • Creates a fair requirement system that EVERYONE understands and accepts the terms … level playing field but with easy implementation
  • EQUiD saves money. Register one time, in one approved platform.
  • EQUiD saves time. Gate-keepers at events arm themselves with a smart-phone rather than an over-flowing binder of health records to cross check for participants. Blockchain security protects the information when it is entered by the veterinarian. I quick snapshot confirms the ID of the horse and also confirms the up-to-date records have met the requirements of the event.
  • Tracking test results, health exams, lameness exams, injury reports and even exposure events for all horses … that follow the horses. CarFax for horses, built into a much more robust system
  • Ability to upload and manage complete health records … on a blockchain system that prevents manipulation or fraud!
  • Lessens the necessity for tagging, branding, tattooing and other forms of ID … less stress on the animal!
  • Ability to weigh the animals and age the animals by imagery. Better diagnostics, improved treatment protocols and more accurate drug dosing.
Herd Management
  • Notifications of expiring health tests as well as vaccinations, deworming, farrier visits, breeding schedules and other health related information.
  • Maintain records of weight, age, sex, breed, pedigree information and more.
  • EQUiD keeps all health records in one database. Only share what is relevant or required for an event or transaction, but do so with the confidence that the information has not been lost, tampered with or mixed up with the wrong animal.
Sports Management
  • Events become linked via a universal platform for monitoring what animals are present and any biosecurity concerns that come with hosting an event.
  • Event hosts can rely on the EQUiD platform to upload their own particular requirements. Each recorded horse that selects said event for participation can then seamlessly cross check whether sufficient data exists to meet those requirements on the date of the event.
  • Choose your event preferences and EQUiD will even maintain a calendar of events within your set range. Registration becomes as simple as a button click.

The horse owner creates a unique EQUiD profile for each horse. That information is uploaded to a secure database to be accessed either by the owner or an Event Manager.

Event Manager checks in each horse by using the EQUiD app to verify horse ID. 

Try the EQUiD Biometric Verification App!

EQUiD Biometric Verification App is a multi-factor authenticator for verifying the identity of any horse enrolled in our service.

EQUiD Biometric Verification App – BENEFITS

The EQUiD Biometric Verification App allows Horse Owners to create biometric profiles for each of their horses.

Why use the EQUiD Biometric Verification App?

Traditional paper records are messy, subjective and no longer adequate in terms of security. Every horse has unique physical features; eye location, nostril shape, hair swirls, ear size, etc. Sorting all of these little details accurately is the function of biometric identity verification. Biometric identity verification uses subtle technology to capture the tiny details making up an individual accurately. These details aren’t easy to duplicate and are unique to the horse.

The EQUiD solution is as simple as taking a photo of the horse’s head and within a couple of seconds, it is accurately identified among all horses in our database. There remains no question about the identity of the horse. The owner information is submitted with the horse images to initiate the file. Copies of health records can also be included in these unique profiles.

How does it work?

Horse Owners

  • Add a “New Horse” to your account.
  • Enter your horse’s name, age and sex.
  • Take/upload these 5 photos; Left body, Right body, Right side of the horse’s head, Left side of the horse’s head and Front of the horse’s head.
  • Upload health information – Coggins Test, Heath Records, etc.
  • Submit for approval
  • This is called biometric enrollment. Once confirmed, your horse is ready to be recognized.

App and Software Developers

The EQUiD Biometric Verification API allows developers and companies to easily add biometric authentication to their mobile and web platforms, without the need to be a biometric specialist.

Let’s get started.

To use the EQUiD Biometric Verification App, you need an EQUiD Biometric Verification account. You can create it from app.

Market Landscape

There are many horse management tools available on the market today. The problem is that they all lack the ability to positively ID large numbers of horses. Without this ability, veterinary health records, animal movement, and event management will remain islands within the industry. Why? Because the need for identification is what forces these segments to protect themselves from nefarious activities and forgetful horse owners.

Our Advantages

  • Competitors Become Customers
  • Ease of Entry and Verification of Individual Animals
  • Based on A.I. Visual Identification vs the Human Eye
  • Block Chain Secure, Positive ID is what all Competitors Lack

Let’s work together!

Ask me for more information about how you can get involved.