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DATAG is AI-driven livestock and pet health, geared to enhance the relationship between owner and animal, and amplified by accurate facial recognition.

DATAG, Inc is surrounding the landscape of companion animals and horses with the ability to identify and recognize your animals via video or picture. This powerful tool allows verification, localization, management and reconnection with four-legged friends.  Animal Tech Talk is equipped with memory to recall and resume health related conversations, as it provides the most current, professional veterinary advice to care for these same animals. 

The DATAG tech team can integrate its API capability with dozens of imaginable platforms. Read on and discover more about all 3 of our currently developed, customer facing apps that showcase our technical capabilities. 

Consumers demand traceability and within each set of species, good animal husbandry demands biosecurity and proper health management. These are the core tenets of DATAG.

Are You Sure That’s the Right Horse?

Imagine a solution that is as simple as taking a photo or video of the horse’s head and within a couple of seconds, it is accurately identified among all horses in the database.

My dog is missing … there is a stray cat in my yard … can you help me?

PawsitivID eliminates the need for expensive scanning equipment by utilizing something over 86% of the world’s population already owns – a Smartphone!

My cat got stung by a bee, now what?

Ask Avva, our knowledgeable virtual veterinary assistant powered by Animal Tech Talk. Pet owners get accurate and insightful recommendations regarding their pet’s health and well-being based on its vast database of veterinary medicine knowledge and best practices.

What Does She Weigh?

BOViD was born to solve these problems for you. By utilizing two important tools that all cattlemen and dairymen rely on every day, BOViD puts accurate weight determinations in the palm of your hand.

Cutting-Edge Technology
…That we OWN!

We have embraced the latest technology in computer learning and digital photography. This frees us of the burden of stationary and expensive tools such as those being explored with LiDAR and other technologies. Our API backend is unique to the industry and custom built, while our LLMs were trained and sourced ourselves. Competitors work at the whims of big tech.

Powerful API

The foundation of our APIs are built on the backs of our experience in livestock and veterinary medicine. By leveraging the resources of folks who live and breathe these industries, we separate ourselves from companies with technical expertise but no connection to the problems that need solved. Because of our background, our platforms can react faster and improve accuracy at a rate that others simple cannot achieve.

Let’s work together!

Ask me for more information about how you can get involved.